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PVC Gutter Products

We stock high quality double layered PVC gutter products that are durable and resistant to weather elements. The accessories are compatible with each other making installation simple and quick.

Here are some of the PVC gutter products in our portfolio that ensure a complete system that works seamlessly and ensures your property is protected for long while maintaining an aesthetic appeal.

Gutters – they are the actual channels that carry rain water away from the roof of the house. We stock a wide variety of gutter designs available in a wide array of colors. Our PVC gutters are easy to install, durable and high performance. They are also certified if you want to use them to collect drinking water.

Downspout – the downspout collects water flowing in the gutter and directs it downwards and away from the house, towards a trench or storage tank as desired. You only need one length of a downspout for each storey. The downspout can be cut and reduced to desired size depending on where you are directing the rain water.

End caps – they come in a pack of two end caps for capping the open ends (right and left) of the gutter system. They prevent water from flowing over the ends and ending up where it's not wanted. Our end caps fit snugly on at the end to ensure there are no leakages.

Gutter Hanger – our PVC gutter hangers are installed directly on the fascia board using screws. They have strong and durable hooks that keep the gutters sturdy for long. Use a gutter hanger every 18 to 24 inches along the length of the gutter for a sturdy gutter system.

Downspout Clip – they are used to secure the downspout to the wall. They are sturdy and properly secure the downspout so it stays in place and works as required. Use two clips for every length of the downspout.

Gutter Joiner – to have the gutter pieces span a long area, you will need to join two or more pieces together using the gutter joiner. For PVC gutters, this process is fairly simple because the different pieces are made to snap together with ease. This is achieved with the help of the gutter joiner that goes in between two gutter pieces. Ensure the joiner snaps in firmly and the joint between the two pieces is at the center of the joiner to avoid leakages and ensure a strong joint.

Drop Outlet – the drop outlet is used to funnel rainwater from the gutters to the downspout. Our drop outlets are sturdy and fasten directly to the wall. The drop outlet offers natural expansion and contraction maintaining the integrity of the system regardless of the weather conditions.

90 degree inside/outside corner – the outside corner is used for exterior corner joining which allows gutters to continue along the outside of a roof line junction. The 90 degree inside corner allows gutters to continue on a corner on the inside roof line junction. With both the inside and outside corner you will need two joint connectors on each side of the corner.

65 degree elbow – a 65 degree elbow is used to bring the downspout from the fascia overhang to the wall. Usually two will be required at each downspout assembly and a third can be used at the base of the downspout to direct the water away.

Skew Tee - the skewed tee is used to connect two downpipes together at an angle. Our skewed tees allow for a simple push connection without any glues or seams required to hold the connection.

Equal Tee – when you wish to funnel two points of rainwater to one drop pipe then the equal tee comes in handy. It is also useful for when you want to connect two different drop pipes to one outlet. Our equal tees install easily, are sturdy and do not need glue to hold the connection.

Gutter Bracket – the gutter brackets provide a secure way for hanging your gutters by providing them extra strength. The gutter brackets wrap around the bottom of the gutter and hook at the top securely. They allow the gutters to expand and contract freely with the changes in weather. Have them installed every two feet along the length of the gutter.

Connector for downspout – the connector for downspout is used to connect two lengths of downspouts for storey buildings. It can also be used to join the downspout with the drop outlet on a roof without an overhang. You can also get a connector that changes from square to round or vice versa depending on the downspout you intend to use.

90 degrees elbow – the 90 degree elbows are ideal for making 90 degree connections where they are needed in the gutter system and especially when connecting the gutter outlet to the downspout. They can also be used to direct water away from the foundation as diverters.

90 degrees diverter – the downspout 90 degree diverter directs water away from the foundation of the house. The diverter provides a clip up assembly that allows the downspout to move up and out of the way during mowing and ensure easier maintenance.

All our products are made of high quality PVC and come with a guarantee. Our products are compatible for individual systems to ensure a system free of leaks. The accessories are also compatible with most other PVC systems provided the sizes are the same. So if you would like to repair your system get in touch with us today and our experts will guide you accordingly.

Contact us today if you would like more information about our products or to place an order.