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Welcome to PVC Gutters Kenya where we supply top quality seamless rain gutter systems to assure a perfect fit around the entire perimeter of your house. Our plastic gutters in Kenya have a unique formulation of uPVC with addition of safe stabilizer pigment designed to withstand UV light and tropical climatic conditions associated with Kenyan climate.

All our rain gutters have been rigorously tested and provide maintenance free solutions to both domestic and commercial buildings.
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Choosing The

PVC Rain Gutters in Kenya

For Kenyan homeowners, choosing the right rain gutters is an important decision. There are many different types of rain gutters to choose from which can be daunting to many. Rain gutters vary not only in design but they also come made in different types of materials.

Some of the common materials used for rain gutters in Kenya include aluminum, stainless steel, and PVC. So which gutters are the best and why? This article will focus on PVC rain gutters in Kenya from one of the leading plastic gutters suppliers in kenya

Before walking into any rain gutters suppliers in Kenya, read on to discover more about PVC gutters and why you should consider them for your next guttering project.

What are PVC rain gutters?

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride which is a type of plastic. It is also commonly called vinyl so you might find some plastic gutter suppliers in Kenya labeling their gutters as Vinyl gutters or even just plastic gutters.

PVC is an economical and versatile plastic. As such it has a wide variety of uses in an array of industries from building and construction, healthcare, electronics and automobile amongst others.

Benefits of Choosing PVC Rain Gutters Over the Rest

PVC or Vinyl rain gutters have become one of the most popular gutter systems in Kenya and all for good reasons. Here are some of the reasons why many people are choosing PVC rain gutters in Kenya.

PVC is Strong

PVC gutters Kenya, come molded as one continuous unit which makes them really strong. This is unlike metal gutters that are sectional and need to be joined together. The material is not painted because the color is ingrained in the plastic during manufacture and therefore scratches and blemishes do not form on your gutters.

Further, PVC gutters are able to withhold the weight of heavy rains and even other loads on them without denting or bending.

PVC is affordable

One of the biggest worries for people looking to add gutters to their homes or buildings is the expense. However you do not have to worry about plastic gutter prices in Kenya because they are quite affordable and more so when you purchase from renowned plastic gutter suppliers in Kenya like our company.

You could be worried about plastic gutters making your home look cheap after installation, but this is not the case. Our PVC rain gutters are high quality, well made and look elegant after installation. Actually, they are known to boost the curb appeal of your home.

PVC is flexible

Another great feature of PVC pipes is flexibility. But what does this mean for you? Since the gutters are flexible, they do not bend or lose shape when undue pressure is applied to them. This is unlike metal gutters that will distort in shape under pressure affecting flow of water through the gutters. This also makes your house lose its curb appeal and exterior beauty.

Ease of Installation

When calculating the cost of water gutters in Kenya, installation costs play a major role. Installing metal gutters takes time and therefore the installation costs are high. However, with PVC gutters installation is a breeze and even easy to do yourself if you are a handy person.

The gutters are light and easy to lift up to your roof for installation. The different pieces snap together quickly and with ease making installation that much faster.

PVC is Highly Durable

Maintaining gutters can be expensive if you have to keep reinstalling them time and again. PVC gutters save you on this expense because they last for a long time. They are resistant to the elements which means they do not corrode or freeze.

PVC also is less prone to leakage unlike metal gutters which reduces the need to replace the gutter system once installed.

Highly adaptable

PVC gutters are made using molded plastic which is highly customizable to suit your home. You can easily get a color that will match the exterior of your home to enhance curb appeal. The shape and dimensions can also be customized easily to suit the style and size of your home.

You can order fully customized PVC gutters for your home, though this will cost a bit more.

Choosing the Best Plastic Gutter Suppliers in Kenya

We understand that you do not buy gutter every day unless you are a builder or a plumber. Besides knowing the benefits of PVC rain gutters in Kenya, it is also important to know how to choose amongst the many available plastic gutter suppliers in Kenya.

Do not settle for the first supplier that you find online. It is best to do your due diligence to ensure that you get the right one for you. If you are looking for a renowned supplier then you are in the best hands here.

We are a renowned supplier of guttering systems in the country. We supply everything needed to properly install your guttering system and deliver countrywide. What's more, we have the best prices not only for the gutters but for all other accessories needed like brackets, angles, joiners and downspouts.

We stock a wide variety of colors and designs to suit the style of your home. If you still feel overwhelmed on how to choose, we have professionals on hold who can guide you to choose a guttering system that you will love. Not to mention all our products come with industry leading guarantees so you can be sure of the quality.

If you are looking to install gutters or replace the old ones on your home then PVC gutters are a viable option. They are ideal for use in our country because they withstand the tropical weather really well. They are great for water harvesting too so you can store rain water for later use.

We are here to equip you with the right information and ensure that you get your order right the first time. Contact us now for more details or to make your order of PVC rain gutters in Kenya.